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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

The latest book in author OReilly's Killing series and to me it was the least interesting.  A friend passed this one along to me, so I was spared wasting any money on its purchase.  It appears to be a collection or rather a smattering of all sorts of miscellaneous information gathered by the authors and pages are consumed with this ranging from sagas about Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and more.  I am unsure if I disliked this book because of all the extraneous smatterings or if it is because so much of this history is current to me having lived through it all.  I really do not understand how they could have written this book without interviewing contemporaries of Reagan's like  Edwin Meese or others.  At only 283 pages it is a quick easy read but rambling.  If this is the best they can do, perhaps it's past time to move on from the niche of their Killing books and find another title, "Smatterings About and Beyond...."  whoever is my suggestion.  There has been controversy about this book, that it demeans Reagan.  I did not find that so much as I just became very tired of all the asides here and there,  It is nice that it is dedicated to caretakers as that is how Nancy spent the last many years.  It was an attempt to fill a book with tidbits. 

Rating it only 3 *** and that's generous.  I read this last year, 2015, but just now documenting it for this blog. 

One of many reviews copied and attached here from USA Today October 2015 by Ray Locker as well as a link to that article.

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