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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 First book review Blood Feud

Read this in a few setting, another remarkable political expose about the rivalry and deep hatred between the  Clintons and Obamas. On the surface they appear to be allies  but behind the facade they are bitter enemies.    Edward Klein reports what I've long suspected about the enmity between these two factions of the Democratic party.  It is a paperback, only 305 pages, published October 2015, which is when I bought it, but set  it aside until a couple weeks ago.  I am a conservative but a political junkie and read through it with ease. My career at higher levels of state government and with contacts in the federal levels, gives me an advantage over the average reader.  But I still wonder how these people can live with themselves.   His chapter on the  Bengazi deception  offers succinct information that others are not readily discussing, namely that it was a cover up for a bothced CIA operation to run arms thru Turkey to the Syrians.  It sounds plausible and yet it is all the more disturbing because it reeks of massive inherent incompetence at the highest levels of this current administration, another fact I find plausible.  In addition it reveals Hillary to be a congenital liar.  I cannot stand how she lied to the families of the murdered men and over their caskets lied to their families.  That part is stomach turning.  But as Klein explains, she can fabricate at the drop of a hat without any twinge of conscience.  

I loved his quote on page 114 about politicians and  find it a perfect way to describe to the majority of people who only know what they hear on television why politicians are not like you and me or ordinary people.  Klein describes politicians as like  nation states, they have few to no friends.  They have contacts or interests which is why they can schmooze with their own self interest always in view.   Relations among politicians are not about sentiment.  Politicians resemble nation states they don't have friends so much as they have permanent interests.  In the case of Bill and Hillary their nation state was the Clinton Foundation."    
I have believed Obama to be a petulant, arrogant in over his head person for a long time and this book confirms that.  However what is very revealing is another tidbit that is not talked about in the media, that Valerie Jarrett who adopted the Obamas and mentored them really controls the White house.  This is horrifying yet believable from what has happened during the reign of this administration over these years. 

Page 186 on describes Obama's 3 prong strategy post his second election something we are now living with.  "First he planned to go over the heads of his Republican opponents, barnstorm the country during his second term and use election style tactics to pressure Republican members of Congress to vote for his bill whether they liked it or not." Second Obama would "demonize Republican adversaries" to make voters turn against them.  He intends to break the back of the GOP and reinstall Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.  Third he planned to use the power" of the imperial presidency" declaring executive orders at whim to circumvent congress.  Obama believes he was elected king is why he feels  so sure he can do all this freely.

Liberal Democrats would not be interested in this book but I have not read any attacks against it. Nevertheless for those who are considering Hillary as the next president, it might behoove them to read about her.  She is different for sure, soulless and not as likable as Bill and very capable of being nastier than Obama.  The end of the book discusses Bill's failing health and hers.  A book to make Americans shudder. 

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