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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Over Here, Over There by Maxene Andrews and Bill Gilbert

The most interesting thing about this 260 pages book  published in 1993 is the cover jacket shown to the left and the photos inside.  "Over Here, Over" There proves that it only takes money to publish a book but not everyone is a writer.  I skimmed this because after  30 pages of reading it was so boring I did not want to waste my eyeballs.  I am usually attracted to any memoir of this era and thought surely this might have interesting experiences about the Andrews sister, the  well known musical trio of World War II.  Maxine could  have shared interesting experiences but instead this is merely the musings or ramblings of a person who does not know what to say. The jacket claims this is the story of the  sisters--Maxene, Patty and La Verne who immortalized the songs of the late 1930"s and the 1940's, and the experiences of other USO entertainers.   I can  see why it was discarded by our local library to our book sale. She mentions their songs and even includes the words to some.  She rambles about how these sisters from Cincinnati ,Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota were driven to performances by their Daddy in the 1939 auto during times of gas rationing. She mentions other entertainers  with the USO.  But there is no there here or there.  Very boring  and most disappointing.  I give it 1 *, for the photos.   

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