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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hot Ice by Nora Roberts

A paperback,  356 pages of drivel, which I read thru in two evenings just to see if there has been any improvement to the depth, writing, story line in the work of this popular women's author.  I was told she had branched out into mystery/intrigue so I gave it a shot.  This might be only the 3rd Nora book I have read and it has just got to be the last.  The story could have been done in about 100 pages how Whitney Mac Allister wealthy heiress, socialite, professional dabbler is hijacked by a stranger in black leather  with whom she partners on an "exotic quest" which ends up in Madagascar.  Every time they might have been in the clear something else happens, ala perils of Pauline.  I don't know who reads this stuff, but  hey say it is New York Times Bestselling.  I give this book 2 ** only because I did read through it.   

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  1. Pat, although I haven't read this particular book, I agree with you. Although I read a lot of Nora Roberts and many other NY top women authors - they are drivel and usually can be condensed into a fourth of the pages dedicated to the same stuff worded in a slightly different manner -- I do read them. Most times it is TOTAL escapism for me and something that doesn't require a lot of attention on my part. I do enjoy reading and not always ready for reality or heavy reading. Barbara