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Monday, September 16, 2019

The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

I have been curious about this for awhile but was not willing to rush out and purchase it when it was first published in 2018.  Finally it was put into large paperback edition in 2019 and when I saw it at Sam's and ready to read something else, I bought it.  I am glad I waited and had I not been so curious I could have easily passed this by.  It is at best a mediocre read, disappointing to me as I expected better with collaboration between James Patterson and Pres. Clinton.  I do not believe Bill Clinton should plan on a career writing crime/mystery/action novels if this is any indication of his ability to create in that genre.  

The 513 pages have some interesting moments but nothing especially compelling. The philosophic statements pages 500- 504 about how democracy needs  working together, across party lines, beyond political ideologies, to survive are applicable today.  

The presidency in this novel, has multiple  females including a female vice president, female chief of staff, and Speaker of the House, there is no first lady as the spouse is deceased. There is a first daughter however.  President Duncan suffers from a debilitating blood disorder wh ich has been kept from the public.  Page 15, "Sooner or later every president faces decisions in which the right choice is bad politics, at least in the short term.  If the stakes are high you have to do what you think is right and hope the political tide will turn.  It's the job you promised to do." President Duncan ponders as he  discusses with the chair of the House Judiciary committee whether or not impeachment will proceed. The President has information about a major terrorist and yet agrees to meet incognito with others without Secret Service protection at a ball park because his daughter has been contacted by the people.  There is a dangerous computer virus, Dark Ages that threatens the power grids and  all internet for the entire country.  President Duncan will  work to stop that and then it is determined that within his tightest circle in the White House  someone is a traitor and has been leaking information.    So it goes along. 

I rate this barely 3 ***, more like two & half but cannot display that.  Buy a used copy if you are curious as I was.    

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