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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

2011 reads copied from other blog

I found this old post on my other blog, the original blog which I neglect mostly now.  It is from 2011 and has a list of books that I read, crammed up at the last minute, not much has changed with my technique because I have a small stack awaiting review and posting here and then to be donated.  Apparently back then I did not scan the covers of all the books so I have only one to share here, the last one.  So here goes from 2011>>>>>

"When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue--you sell him a whole new life." Christopher Morley

A stack of books grows higher by the week alongside my computer, books I have read from late October until now, books  I have just set aside until I have time to review them for the blog......but as I posted  a week back time is running out and my stack gets taller.   I will have a new blog in 2012 solely to record my readings and my reviews.  For now, to expedite the process and  move books into either  donation bags or, if a keeper,  to the shelf in our home  library, I am borrowing a technique from Kat Mortenson and assigning stars  *****  to rank the books,  with 1 low and 5 high:

5 ***** being a top notch read and a book I loved.  
No * indicates a book I did not finish,  which means it is  really  a poor read and  had no interest for me; oh does this mean I really have a 6 point rating system? 
1 * will mean a book I plowed through under some protest. 

I suppose  that technically I have six ranks from No to *****.   There would be few books with No and few with *****, most somewhere in between. 

It has taken me awhile to learn to discard a book that does not hold my interest, I have so many books to read and so little time to do so that it's not worth wasting my eyeballs on a bad one.  Why did I think I had to plod along when  the pages and words held no interest? 

 What I find enjoyable in reading and which will be my criteria in rating reflect my personal preferences.  I am not a fluff or what I term fiction comic book reader nor do I like science fiction.  I like to sink into a book like a nice comfy leather chair, so a novel has to envelop me.  My first preference is always non fiction or historical, memoir and biographies are first choice.  I look for excellent writing and research, well developed characters who appear lifelike with their tales, a sense of historical accuracy,  historical, memoirs that evoke emotion while reading, or a book that teaches me something.  I am as I have said many times before a life long reader from the time I learned to read as a tot.  I am never bored, lonely, or without something to do to entertain myself so long as I have a good book. 

No I do not e-read nor do I have any desire to do so, being the proud owner or stacks of books and a marvelous home library.   I never pass a book sale without picking up something.  You will see several on the list below that are used, older.  A book does not have to be on a current best seller list to attract my interest.  I have been exposed to wonderful books I might not have found nor read through my local book club where we meet monthly to discuss.

 Title,date published/comment             Author          Rating

Marilyn and Me-Sisters, Rivals, Friends 1992   Susan Strasberg       **               
Almost tedious reading but some interesting  pages
and reverie about the authors famous  parents. 

The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay  2010          BeverlyJensen       *****      
A novel saga over 7 decades beginning in 1916,
sisters from Nova Scotia who immigrate to
America.  Fascinating and humorous in parts. "She was
worn to the shape of a gnarled tree...." describes their
paternal grandmother.

The Knitting Circle    2007 paperback             Ann Hood                           *****
  Our book club selection; a novel with great
characters and their stories and the grief of losing a child.
Based on the author's life.    

Left Neglected                 2011                    Lisa Genova                             *** 
 She wrote "Still Alice" about dementia, which I enjoyed. This
novel is about a condition resulting from an auto accident
where the left side of the body does not respond.

Lit                 2010 Paperback                  Mary Karr                                     **    
Her 3rd memoir and the least interesting despite its glowing
reviews; about her days in  alcoholism.  Dreary

The Quilters Apprentice    2000 Paperback     Jennifer Chiaverini                ** 
A ho hum novel, my curiosity about the process of learning to quilt
 dragged me along.  First book in the Elm Creek Quilt Series.

Our Story: The Quecreek Miners     2002     told to  Jeff Goodell                 ***
 Concise, true tale of these PA coal miner
 spent trapped underground for 77 hours

The Seventh Life of Pauline Johnson   2001        Katy King                 No stars
  If this isn't the dumbest book it is close to it. The author
hawked it at a craft show; it has been on my shelf for years
to be read.  Supposed to be a  mystery/ recipe book.

Blind Your Ponies         2011 Paperback           Stanley Gordon West             *****
Our book club selection.  Outstanding novel about  a high school
boys long time loosing basketball team, and their town. 
Excellent characters and writing by a MN author. Selection of the title  and what it represents is a story itself.  Will read more of his books.

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