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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Painter's Daughter by Julie Klassen

Al;though I was unfamiliar with her and do not usually read this genre of romantic novels, I read this book and a few others by Julie Klassen, a MN author after she came to town to speak at the Library. That was back in 2016 and recently I noticed I had not included it here.  It is a tale of love, betrayal, trust,  family, forgiveness just as the complimentary bookmark that came with it describes.  I found it easy reading and not as trite as I had expected.  In fact, it was a good diversion for me.  

I learned from Julie's talk that she is almost exclusively drawn to the era of the 1800's in England for her novels and has traveled there multiple times, meeting characters who may resemble some in her books.  It was fascinating to learn how the covers are chosen and how much work goes into that almost as much as the novel.  From the others who attended the talk, she is a very favorite author for many women who read all her books and anticipate the next one. 
There is usually a moral to the story and always a distinct choice between right and wrong, etc.  One small excerpt from pg 58, "Would she and Captain Overtree have children together?  Sophie wondered.  It seemed difficult to imagine when he would barely look at her, let alone touch her.  But he was a man of faith, apparently.  So might he help her raise the child she already carried to love and fear the Lord?  She hoped so--if he lived.  Even though faith had not played a role in her upbringing, she wanted it for her own child."  That gives a hint of the story line.  As I recall I did enjoy reading this book and have since read a few on my Kindle app.  

The back cover is a good preview and shows the countryside.  The author, Julie Klassen claims to love all things Jane from Jane Eyre to Jane Austen..I give this book 3 ***, entertaining, and well written.

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