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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Continued and ended Part 2 7 more

Way back in May I tried to play catchup listing books I have read, reviews, etc..Never happened and as time keeps rolling along and so much else takes time from keyboard, the stack of books I need to post grows.  This creates issues with me, because I dislike clutter and would prefer to get these books out of here and donated.  Finally in one of my talks to myself, I said, "Loook here Patty Lou, just list the  books, forget about scanning covers, reviews, quoting from the  pages and all that other stuff you used to do.  There is no time for it and besides, nobody but you reads this blog anyway.  All you need it to do is be a reference to books you have read which was your very original intention.  So knock it all off with thin king  that someday you will get around to it.  "  And so today here are the rest of my reads from 2014 and  2015, with exception of those books I have read on my Kindle.  Now I will get this stack into a box and donate them to  the local library book sale  The stack will be gone and will no longer bother me.   I  had scanned the photos here but no others and now I am anto my next project, most of which involve  physical activity outdoors. 
Author                                          Title                                       Brief and  rating

Elizabeth George                           For the Sake of Elena                     This is the most different take  by George who is a go to favorite writer of mine for plot and character.    The tales are British and always an intriguing read.  Several others by this author sit on  my to read shelf.  Each summer try to get to at least one and so far 2015 hasn't had it's George read, yet.     4 ****

Elizabeth  George                    Payment in Blood                     Another inspector Lynley adventure.  Great character, plot and British wit.    Pg 195, "..reveal a face upon which grief played subtly, the way it often does when an initial shock has been lived through an the immensity of a loss begins to be measured against the endlessness of time."                                              5 *****

Vince Flynn                          Memorial Day                   Always the intrigue in these action espionage books by a now deceased and  thereby lost author who I really will miss more  and more.  He was a master of the thrill, terrorist, action, espionage genre with his main character, Mitch Rapp,  who rivals Jack Bauer from the former tv series  24.    This quote in dealing with terrorists, is a philosophy I would like to see adopted today in our so lenient system.  Pg 25  "...Rapp simply wanted to hunt them down and put a bullet in each ofe of their heads.....expediency saved lives...."                           5 *****

Edward Rutherfurd             The Forest                          Excellent saga of historical fiction by a revered author who blends history and characters over centuries and weaves the tales by interrelating all the  lineages.  He was recommended to me a couple years ago when we were in Alaska, I don't know  how I missed this author.  Thoroughly enjoyed following and losing myself in this tale.  Will find more of his works, similar to Ken Follett or perhaps Follet used Rutherfurd as his model.                                           5 *****

Jodi Picoult              The Storyteller                 Some contradicting historical references, trudged through reading this, but  read it along with another book and did set  it aside many times.  It’s barely  OK, a fictional episode, there are no surprises for anyone who has read or studied history extensively.  Sent to me by a friend, else I would not have purchased anything by this prolific writer, I am more selective.                      2**

Barrbara Martin,                     When the East Wind Blows         Purchased Feb 2015 in Leesburg FL from the author, whom I met at a craft show.  This is  her mother’s story of growing up in Nazi Germany, her escape, her survival.    Very good biography    Nothing new in the history or the atrocities, but I enjoy meeting authors.       3 ½ ***

Lewellen Povich       From Pigtails to Chin Hairs         The biggest purchase mistake I have ever made on Amazon and proof that I am better off to scan a book before buying.  I barely could stand to read 20 pages.  So trite repetitive, the title is far better than the book  and shows what happens when you fish blindly often.  As if I don't have so much more to read.   Not worth the money or  any rating, buyer beware.                       No stars

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