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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ratings and little commentary catch up

I have managed to  read a few books all good but not keep up with posting to this blog.  As  place holders because I am donating all three to the  book sales, here are two books I read in April & May:  

Published as a trade paperback by Bantam Books in 2013, 434 pages, a historical novel biography; told from the research on Anne Morrow Lindbergh as though from her eyes and voice,  it reveals her life and  her marriage to Charles.  Excellent reading as I have read much about and by the Lindbergh's. This is the first book by author Melanie Benjamin that I have read.  I would  read more. 

 Page 50, "I turned even more hungrily than usual to my diary.  I had always been like this; only able to recognize my world by reassembling it on the page."  

Page 52, " But what's it all about?...What's it all for?  We get married,  ..That's what it's all for.  We marry equally bright promising young men from Princeton or Cornwall or Harvard or Yale.  We collect silver and china.  .....Meanwhile we play tennis and golf and try to keep our figures and our sanity."   5 *****

Published 2009, St Martin's Press, hardback, 309 pages of a delightful mystery  with  the antics of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, investigator and the  great characters of this genre, including Diesel, Detective Morelli,  her grandma, her  mother, her sidekick Lula, and others.  It's a fast read this one about the New Jersey Devil, some magic, space shifters.  Picked it up at a sale and it is a very easy read.  Comical in parts to laugh out loud funny as well as not guessing where the villain will turn up.  Funniest part when one of her catches goes off to get married and leaves her monkey on Stephanie's door step to care for while she is on her honeymoon.  Another  amusing mystery by best selling  author Janet Evanovich.  5 *****

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