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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blind Your Ponies Stanley Gordon West

Moved this one from my other blog.  read it in 2011 as a book club selection.

Blind Your Ponies, by Stanley Gordon West             *****

Our book club selection, a paperback.   Outstanding novel about  a high school in Montana and their boys long time loosing basketball team, and their town. At first I thought, why do I want to read about boys basketball, but once I started the characters and their stories and the interweaving drew me in.  Excellent characters especially the basketball coach, townsfolk, and some of the boys and how they landed in Montana.  Written by a MN author. His  selection of the title  and what it represents from the Indian culture is a story unto  itself.  

This book would make a wonderful movie with the  right cast, Matt Damon as Sam Pickett.  I want to  read more of his books I understand he has written one about  old folks in the Twin Cities, "Until They Bring the Streetcars Back."   

I just posted a Facebook like about this book so others would know.  

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