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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Charleston by John Jakes

I appreciate historical fiction but I cannot believe that perhaps in my early 20's I might have enjoyed reading this book. I have matured considerably in my readings.  I picked this up for 50 cents at a book sale, with my renewed interest in Civil War era, and continued interest in the history of Charleston.  Well, it does have history for the less curious reader,  at several  times the author recites a litany of historical events by way of introducing a chapter or event in the book.  It is the saga attempt  about the fictitious Bell family  and follows them  from  the American Revolution  through the years after the Civil War.  I cannot believe I continued to slog through all 524 insipid pages, likely I kept expecting surely something will improve.  It reads like a mix of Danielle Steel and or other  prolific modern writers who churn out books that sell well.  There are hosts of characters and some are more interesting than others, but over all there were no surprises about outcomes to any of the personal tragedies, trials and triumphs.  It was a very fast read for me but I will not entertain myself  again with this author who is popular from his high sales.     I give this 2 ** and that is generous, I'm not awarding half stars. 

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