Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sisi by Katryn Unterreiner

In Vienna last year I toured among other places, the  stunning Schonbrunn Palace, hope of the Hapsburgs in Vienna and there  saw and hear a lot of Sisi, or Empress Elizabeth,  she was a recluse of sorts and died young.  She was born in Munich in 1837  and died in 1898.  Her designation was Empress of Hungary.  I picked up this small book about her.  She was a woman quite ahead of her time but still rather odd.  She was avid about physical exercise and  remaining trim.  Yest she had a very restless spirit and often was away from her husband and children. Someday I would love to read a real saga about the Hapsburg family.  This is more of a booklet at only 125 pages.  Many interesting pictures.  The author is a famed  Austrian Historian and referred to movies popular in Europe about Sisi's life, but I have never  seen nor heard of those here in the US.  I did  buy replica pins and earrings of the Hapsburg stars made famous by Sisi,  locals claim she often gave these to people.  Of course mine are only Swarovski crystal while the originals were diamonds. 
Picture and first page

The booklet was an interesting read and gives just a glimpse into her life and the lifestyle.  I passed it along to a friend whom I met on the trip.  I gave it 4 **** stars.

Deborah, Mother of Israel by Marlene Lake

Purchased in 2011 from a local writing group where the author, Marlene Lake attended.  This book has been lingering on my shelf so finally read it, a tale  of Deborah,  Deborah is mentioned as a prophetess in the Bible, Old Testament, Judges, Chapters 4 and 5.  At only  275 pages it is an ok read, but I will be sending this one off to a friend.  There is a lot more to the Deborah tale in this book than what I had known from the Bible because the author did extensive research.  The family names are of interest.  

However only 275 pages it is  a slow read.  I give it  3 ***(stars,  and while the writing is as good as can be expected, and the names and places are interesting, this will likely be more appreciated by students of the Bible than the average reader.  The author includes a listing in the front of all the major characters which I found helpful. The cover is lovely almost mystical.   
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